Friends of Sirenstories


I’ve created this special page on Sirenstories to say THANK YOU to the generous backers of my Kickstarter campaign. The awesome people listed below came together and pledged their support so that I could learn how to be a better writer.

I hope you click on their names and get to know some of the people in this great group. Many of them are artists, or supporters of various charities. Some of them are business owners — need a place to stay in California? — and some of them have had their own Kickstarter campaigns. All of them believe in dreams, so please pass their links along!

Natalie Zaman

John Paul Lebitsch

Maurine Stenwick

Pam Parkhurst

Kathy Connolly

Stan Stroh

Everet Milner

Abby Cahn Anton

Emily Stark

Nickolas Rossi

Modal Roberts

Darry Guli

Saul Rubinstein

Ayne Shore

David Harrison

Mark Soper

Robin Parker

Suzanne Heyd

Robert B. Warren

Jennifer Haase

Deb Schwarz

Anna Beale

Debra Clark

Brian Smiga

Alisa Lowden Preston

Jan Garahy

Debora Petrucci

Anne Carley

Kathy Temean

Carolyn M. Payne

Dan Schaumann

Sherry Wien

Patrick & Jolene Dames

Tom Manley

Una McGurk

Brian Kelly

Annie Silvestro

Patty Ocfemia

Erika Casriel

Linda Perry-Lube

Tom Walker

Nancy Bryan

Yancy Unger

Samantha Wingo

Mike Northrop

Gary Smiga

Jonathan Smiga

Susan Smiga

Steve Kunzman

Lisa Aquino

David Chamberlain

Stacy Smith

Scott Ernst

Tommy Anton

Jack Harper

Mary Moellenhoff

Heather Vieiro

Gary Wien

Jane Kleiman

Ame Dyckman

Jeanne Friscia

Yoji Ananda

Nancy Bryan

Lee W.

Alvina Quatrano

Richard Eisenbeis

Betsy Isaacson

Michael Kennedy

Patti Witten

David Ross

Bob Mantin

Maureen McCrink Gribbroek 

Suzy Ismail

AnnaMarie Dunn

Denise Moser

Scott Anthony

Jim Hill

Special thanks to fine artist Kamil Vojnar for allowing me to use the image of the winged man as the face’ of Sirenstories.

And last, but also first, thank you to my parents.


On a related note, if you’ve been hanging around here for a while, you might be wondering, why YA?

Why do I love YA so much? Why am I writing YA?

Young Adult literature is about people becoming who they are. Teens growing into the people they’re meant to be.

But it is idealistic to think that this always happens, and even more idealistic to think that it happens during the ages of 12-24.

Sometimes, you become the person you’re meant to be at twenty-eight, sometimes at thirty-three. Sometimes it happens when you become a parent, or start a second career, or a third one. If you’re lucky, you never stop becoming. You continue growing, and evolving. I say we don’t grow up, we grown on. We keep adding to ourselves with every effort me make, with each experience we have. And the people we connect with—they add to us as well.

We all have a seventeen-year-old inside. Or hey, maybe you are seventeen. Or eighteen. Or thirteen or fourteen or fifteen or sixteen. If you’re a teen, or you’re interested in hanging out with your inner teen (that’s the part of you that loves ‘firsts’ and all the excitement that comes with them) then you are the person I’m writing for. Why I feel so compelled to reach you is a topic for another time.

Often, the person you are meant to be changes somewhere along the way and you don’t even realize it. Which is why I encourage you to be an active participant in creating yourself,  your life, and your art. Loss is part of life, but if you are making continual creative efforts, you will continue to gain—to grow on.

The sun rises. A cup of coffee steams. Everything is the same, everything is different. What is this is also that, on our constantly changing path. But as I move forward on my path, I will always be grateful to the people listed above—as well as the many muscians and artists who are not listed—for inspiring me to move forward.



11 responses to “Friends of Sirenstories

  1. Got a little choked up there….what a great way to say thank you; by offering up a beautiful crystal of universal truth that starts out as explanation and before you know it, turns into inspiration.
    The teens are lucky to have you!
    Love you Mimi,

    • Thank you so much for your link, Jane! As a Special Educator providing Developmental Intervention services in Early Intervention, I REALLY appreciate all the info on CAS. I am presently working with a 27 month old boy who has the diagnosis. I have no speech background so your site will be tremendously helpful. He also receives speech therapy twice a week. Thanks again for the fabulous resource!

  2. Annie,
    Wow, I really never expected the link would mean much to anyone but me! My son is 10 and went through Early Intervention. At the time, literally no one knew what it was or what to do. So glad to be able to provide a resource. Good Luck and thanks for what you do.

  3. Thank you for sharing your inspiration, Mimi. It is appreciated and welcomed! I believe like you that we are all hopefully still “seventeen” in some accessible place and not yet turned to stone – just need to be reminded every now and again. Good luck!

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