Today’s Question

I have a lot of things I want to write about today, but zero time!

You can expect a stream of consciousness sloppy blog post soon,

But right now I’d like to know what you think.

Would Dr. Seuss get published if he were a new writer today?

At the beginning of November I am going to take the names of everyone who posts an answer to this question, put them in a hat, and draw a WINNER.

The winner will receive a copy of my cd “I Slept…”

You can go to my website to find links to excerpts of the songs on the cd as well as lyrics.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



5 responses to “Today’s Question

  1. I think Dr. Suess would DEFINITELY be published today. Who doesn’t love his imaginative creatures and fun for the tongue word play? Deep in my heart of hearts, I long to be loved for my writing as much as he is. His stories have withstood the test of time and still make glad the hearts of children!

    • Good Morning Darlene, thanks so much for your comment! I agree with you and think Dr. Seuss’ WORD PLAY IS KEY!
      My 3 year old son (who I plan on quoting often in this sloppy blog) said the other day, “I like to play with words.”
      Ahh! Yes! Dr. Seuss continues to have a huge influence on my writing, and I think he does teach us that words are fun and that we can play in them like kids play in a puddle, play on them like kids play on a playground. Best, Mimi

  2. ya know Mimi, that is a great ?… I have to believe that greatness prevail and the concept of Dr. Seuss was amazing.. Now a better ? would be if the Beatles or Bruce came out now would they be the legends they have become?..

    • Marc you have really had me thinking! I Wanna Hold Your Hand – if only we were “allowed” to write like that today!
      And Bruce the poet, King of Songwriters and Lord of the land of Asbury Park…I can’t imagine things any other way. Will continue thinking about this excellent question – thanks so much for contributing Marc! xo!

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