I reached out to writers doing NaNoWriMo and asked:

Hi I’m new at this – I’m a songwriter whose muse has been hijacked.
Things seem to be going well – lots of words and ideas but two things:
1. Do you guys read what you have written – I mean – are you going over your writing as you go, or do you just get it all out and then kind of pray that it’s holding together? Just kind of scared to even look back at this point and was wondering if I should wait until December or just take a peek and see if I am even close to the right track.
2. I have a particular problem with time and was wondering if anyone out there has the same one.
I sit down and write – I have about 45 minutes to an hour – just about enough time to get the number of words I need.
The thing is, right when I have to stop is usually when I feel like something is going to be revealed, or things are about to get juicy. But – I’m out of time. I stop. Then, in my next session, I usually just go where I get an idea, not necessarily back to the previous scene. I can’t decide if I am copping out and not following things through, or if that will eventually happen so – right – I should just go with the next/new idea that is leading me (hopefully in the right direction.)
In other words I feel like I am driving a very, very big car – but I haven’t even taken a driving lesson yet.
Ideas anyone?

I’d like to thank the writers who took the time to answer me – very, very helpful. I was really feeling in need of some support and I got it. I’m hoping they post their thoughts to me here as well as the forum so more people can see them. Bella, Bill, Ellfie, thank you so much.

4 responses to “I reached out to writers doing NaNoWriMo and asked:

  1. I reread when I need to refresh my mind. That usually only means like a paragraph or two though. I am working very hard to keep my eyes on the prize. I know if I read too much, I’ll start editing and in November editing is a very bad thing. As for the time issue, if you have the option/ability and the will-power, you can always extend your writing sessions a bit to get out that juicy secret or interesting scene. If you don’t have the ability to prolong your sessions, you can always alternate. One day you can just go from where you have an idea and the next you can go back to a previous scene. Writing is a very personal task. There is no right or wrong way to get the words out onto teh page. It’s all about what makes you feel accomplished and successful.

    Hope that helped slightly!

    PS. I have a wordpress too :) Good luck!

  2. Thanks Bella, eye on the prize is a great way of putting it – and I was thinking Bob Dylan – don’t look back! Lol! Your view is the healthier one for sure. Thanks for the affirmation – I was kind of feeling crazy for not reading what I had written – but was worried I’d become entangled. My characters (one or two at least) are definitely the type that would love to see me knee deep in what I have already written, getting confused and lost. They’re sneaky that way I can tell. There will plenty of time after this month is over.
    Thanks again Bella!

    • Anytime. I completely know how insane characters can be. If I started rereading, I would end up curled in a ball on my bed, thinking “WHY DID YOU LEAVE HIM?!?! WHY?” for hours on end. Always remember you have six months to do revisions before they print your book. There’s no rush to fix everything now. Just let it all out.

  3. Lol! Bella that is soooo funny! Thanks for the laugh – much needed as my characters are starting to get pretty freaky. I visited your blog and enjoyed what I read. Thanks again for your thoughts, please keep in touch!

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