Would one poem per month be a suitable blog?

David Harrison’s blog has been such an inspiration to me.


I encourage you to participate in next month’s contest!

Here is my poem for this month. The inspirational word is ‘Thanks’.



The leaves are still falling,
I guess there is time.
To try to give thanks
I will write a small rhyme.

Tonight my mind’s empty,
I’m tired and stressed.
I want to relax.
I’ll get fully undressed.

Step into the shower.
I’m under the spray.
Grateful for quiet,
I go over my day.

As I twist my shoulders
My back warm, then hot,
I start to give thanks
For the riches I’ve got.

I put my sweet son first,
The love of my life.
Then count my husband
I’m his saltwater wife.

I think of my parents,
I’m their close daughter.
I get my hair wet
With hot, steaming water.

Skin soaked now, I soap up.
I live a good life. . .
My tense body melts,
I let go of all strife.

The water is streaming
On my upturned face.
My prayer simply, “Thanks.”
For my home, for my place.

With old, cracked plaster walls,
Sloped, crooked wood floor,
Our view: the ocean!
Do we dare ask for more?

White boats in the harbor,
Wild waves in the bay,
New York the backdrop –
Then the music I play

Comes clear into my head.
I dissolve in steam.
Singing my thanks to
The Dreamer of this dream.


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