December Word of the Month Poem

I hope you visit David’s site and check out the Word of the Month Poems on his blog.

Read, vote, get inspired. Maybe you’ll write one next month!

Mine is a bit of a downer for December – hmm . . . the word for this month is “Bones”.




I really wanted to laugh

At the word bone.

T. Bone Burnett! I thought quickly — Music!


That won’t do. His music belongs to him.

Loving someone else’s songs won’t help me here.

I am reluctant.


Roll the Bones! Shake the Bones!

Dance and gamble, go ahead, but

There is a skeleton in the closet.


“Chilled me to the bone.”

Your suicide did that.

I don’t want to write about you.


I can’t put it off much longer,

The shortest day of the year approaches.

My poem is due.


I am thinking of my grandmothers’ broken hips.

My Gaga, so excited to see me she rushed towards the door —

Only to trip on her telephone cord.


My father’s thin form, his mother,

My Grandma Mary. One hip, then the other.

Family bird bones.


I have inherited so much treasure:

My heart glows in my chest like a jewel.

Skull and crossbones too.


My aunt sits in her Kentucky home.

Her 80 year old boyfriend is in the hospital.

Her pelvis is cracked.


When will it happen to me?

Sooner? Or later than my mothers and sisters?

Walking down the street? Making love?


My stomach can’t tolerate the calcium pills.

I guzzle milk. Eat yogurt.

My son is allergic to all dairy.


During shivasana I visualize my bones.

I imagine them heavy, and sinking down

Through my flesh, and into the earth.


In a state of deep relaxation,

Imagining that I can feel the force

Of the earth’s pull, of gravity,


I release my sesame oiled skin, my muscles.

I release my organs, my veins, my cells.

I release . . . my bones. Down, into the ground.