Other People’s Brilliant Stuff

It’s a new year and I know, I know, I should have something brilliant to post . . . while I think of something, here’s what I’m doing.

Reading Composed by Rosanne Cash. It’s amazing and Rosanne wins the prize for most dog eared pages ever. Goosebump city.

Listening to a lot of music while I write my WIP, Book II of a YA paranormal novel I completed in 2010. One of my latest favorite pieces is A Hudson Cycle by Nico Muhly.

New Year’s Resolutioning. My NYR is to laugh more. For starters I’m turning to Val Emmich who has a seriously gorgeous voice but is also hilarious.

Okay, that’s it for now. Hope you enjoy what’s left of the snow, and make 2011 the most wonderful year ever.