Body of Writing

Explore your writing, explore your body, receive the benefits of connecting the two.

Body of Writing is a workshop for people who write, or want to write. A workshop for people who need to write.

Body of Writing starts tomorrow night, Tuesday May 10th.
This version of Body of Writing is being offered as a 6 week workshop at River Road Books in Fair Haven, NJ.

Class begins at 7:30pm, runs until 9pm, and meets for 6 Tuesdays. To register please call 732.747.9455

What you’ll need for class: new notebook of letter size lined paper, pen or pencil, yoga mat and blanket. Please wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing.

Please note: no previous experience with yoga or creative writing is necessary.

The Body of Writing workshop offers a variety of inspirational writing exercises & simple yoga postures as well as meditation & visualization techniques that will help you access the stories you carry in your body. The artistic aspect of your self will be challenged and nurtured, and you will leave the workshop feeling both relaxed and stimulated with new goals for your writing life.

Body of Writing for your Body, Mind, Spirit, & Stories.

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