Inspiration, Starting June 1st, Here on Sirenstories.

June 1st is almost here and I’m more than ready to start listening to the songs that generous songwriters have added to the Sirenstories SoundCloud.

I confess I’ve taken a quick listen to some of the songs that writers have uploaded, just a peek, so to speak, I couldn’t resist. But I haven’t listened to any song in its entirety yet. The purpose of Sirenstories is to provide a new song every day, not just for you, but for me too.

I’ve mostly taken a break from my own songwriting over the past three or four years, and I’ve been writing children’s stories and YA novels. I didn’t plan the musical slow down, my muse just decided to switch things up. I’m not sure why she changed her tune to a steady stream of words, but I have my theories.

I hardly noticed the change up at first; I was that busy writing stories. By the time I did notice the transformation for what it was I realized something else. I’d developed a kind of . . . ache.

The slight pain seemed to get worse when I listened to music. So I stopped. Unconsciously I think I decided that if I wasn’t making music, if I wasn’t playing music, if I wasn’t out there performing, I shouldn’t even listen. And I didn’t, because when I listened, I got the ache.

When I started writing novels a year and a half ago, I had an epiphany: music moves my pen. Music makes my fingers fly on the computer keyboard.

Once I realized this, I began to create playlists in itunes to listen to while I was writing. I chose new songs that were evocative, moody, and had no baggage for me, no past.

Songs or instrumental tracks, I often chose music from movies I loved, music I’d noticed but never explored. The music in my ‘writing soundtracks’ was always on as I wrote what are now four finished novels.

Music made me want to be a musician. Before I became a musician, I was a fan. On June 1st, as a fan, I’ll start posting the songs that songwriters have been steadily submitting to the Sirenstories Soundcloud since I put out the call.

I’m planning on finding inspiration in these songs and I hope you do too. Get psyched, the seas are full of Sirens and their seductive songs.

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