Sweetfeed on Sirenstories, Day 3

I ask the songwriters who contribute to Sirenstories to leave me a note and tell me what their song is about.

Sweetfeed, aka Emily Duff, wrote that Bury Me Standing is about “a high school friend of mine who was way too sensitive for this world and did something about it.”

I’ve got goosebumps. I’m listening to Bury Me Standing as I write this, and I hear Sweetfeed, but I also hear Lucinda, Dylan, The Allman Brothers . . . and the voice of someone who did something really cool with something that hurt a lot.

When you listen to Bury Me Standing, a contemporary folk rock song with a heavy dose of alt country you might miss the fact that Emily Duff is a native New Yorker. Her own words describe her music best:

“If Steve Earle & Patti Smith had a kid who listened to Led Zeppelin all day, that’s me.”

Click on Sweetfeed’s pic to hear more of her songs.

More Sweetfeed songs. Sounds like a good idea.

On Sweetfeed’s Reverbnation page there are a few gigs listed from last year. If she posts a new one, I’m up for going.

I’m not adding any of my own writing to this post today, not because I wasn’t inspired, Bury Me Standing is beautiful and almost too inspiring. After I started to tear up while I was writing, I decided to skip for today.

2 responses to “Sweetfeed on Sirenstories, Day 3

  1. Sweetfeed gig!

    Lakeside Lounge NYC
    162 Avenue B at 10th street

    Emily Duff of Sweetfeed, Eudora & Gary Lucas’ Gods & Monsters will play new songs with special guest Jahn Xavier who will perform with his band The Bowerytones at 9pm.

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