Siren Saturday, Sirenstories Day 4

“Sensible Shoes rules the blues news!”
-Jonathan Demme, film director

An artist can’t get a better intro than that, except maybe this:

Talk is Cheap by Barbara Blaisdell, aka Sensible Shoes and Friends can be found on Sensible Shoes’ new CD, “My History”.

When asked to share what the song is about, Sensible Shoes says it was inspired by the film The Manchurian Candidate. “When talk is cheap, let the wah-wah speak.” If you haven’t see The Manchurian Candidate lately you might want to. The 2004 thriller—a reimagined version of the 1962 film—is eerie.

Inspired by Eric Clapton, Joni Mitchell, Aretha Franklin, and Bonnie Raitt Sensible Shoes has a sound that’s comfortably familiar. As I listen I’m reminded of a day many years ago. I was hanging out with a friend who pilfered his older brother’s record collection. Full of bands like Little Feat and Steely Dan, the crate was a treasure chest. That was a good day.

This is going to be a good day too, because I’m starting my morning with Sensible Shoes.

Talk might be cheap in some circles, but not here. I’m at the NJSCBWI conference in Princeton today (see the link on the sidebar if you’re not familiar with NJSCBWI) where every word counts.

No time to let Sensible Shoes inspire my writing at the moment, but I’m going to turn up the volume and use Talk is Cheap as my morning coffee until I can make it down to breakfast. No way am I dealing with that little in room pot, and why should I? I’ve got Sensible Shoes.

Can you tell I love the band name?

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