Welcome Sunday Siren Gedeon Luke, Sirenstories Day 5

I can’t stop listening to this song.

So I just keep listening.

Then I write a sentence.

Then I delete my sentence. And I start another. But I delete that one too, because I can’t seem to finish it, and in fact I have no idea what I was going to say because I’m lost in that elegant descending piano line. The piano line is so simple, you might not even notice it at first because the voice of Gedeon Luke is a wonderful whisper in your ears.

A whisper, but not a quiet sound. A sound that has the color of a whisper, but is actually an intense sound that Gedeon Luke is controlling, that he’s holding back and shaping into a gentle croon on purpose, because he knows, the way to get attention is to whisper and he wants attention given to his message because his message is THE message. His message is love.

And that’s one of the reasons I’m so happy to bring you this song on a Sunday morning. This song is like a prayer, an insistent prayer. Gedeon Luke is Going Up, and he wants us to join him.

When I started this morning’s blog, I couldn’t think in a linear way. With Going Up floating in the air around me, all I wanted to do was listen. As soon as you hear the first clear notes of the acoustic guitar on Going Up, you know you’re in for something good. That ‘something’ is still there after the tenth listen, and I’m betting it won’t go away. I don’t know anything about Gedeon Luke except that he has this awesome song, and that ‘something’.

Going Up was co-written with Marc Swersky, who I can’t say enough about. Today I’ll just tell you that Marc is, for one thing, a professional music industry veteran who has somehow managed to not only keep his heart, but to share it. He shares it in this song and I’m so glad he does.

I bet when Marc and Gedeon are sitting in a room together writing, the light changes.
Heartfelt thanks to Marc and Gedeon for sharing their beautiful music with us.

The only other info that accompanied Going Up on the Sirenstories SoundCloud was this:

“A message of love,peace and soul!”

Yeah it is.

No messages from me this morning, and no free writing or words from my characters. I’m still in Princeton at the annual NJSCBWI conference. There are so many great writers here and the workshop sessions have been fantastic. Generous agents and editors conducting critiques, authors selling their books . . . it’s been great. I’ve been hanging out and sharing The Crankamacallit and just hanging out in general.

If you write books for children or young adults, join SCBWI. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for my writing.

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