8 Days a Week, I Love This Inti Rowland Song

After yesterday’s post, I just had to stay in the folk genre. But today’s tune, The Ballroom Ghost by Inti Rowland, although it’s folk like yesterday’s song Canadian Winds by Steve Kunzman, has a really different feel:

With its beautiful, bleak vocal line, The Ballroom Ghost is more of a contemporary folk song, and to my ears, it has some kind of connection with a style of music that is most haunting to me: dark dance music from the ’80s and its offspring.

Am I freaking you out? Maybe it’s the stark, simplicity of the song, or maybe it’s the artist’s name, which, because I first saw it as his user name all run together, intirowaland, makes me think—for no good reason—of a German industrial band, or maybe it’s the chord sequence or the melody . . . but something about this band (that’s another thing, for some reason although this artist is clearly a solo singer songwriter, I keep thinking ‘band’!) makes me think of Robert Smith’s dark looks and those Cure songs that I loved, that I still love. I’m thinking I’d like to hear IAMX or Depeche Mode cover this song. Am I alone here? Somebody please weigh in.

Ah! Maybe this is part of it. Here’s what the artist says about the song:

“Recorded in an old disused church in north-east london in March 2011.” Although that doesn’t support my aural based ’80s music connection, it somehow makes me feel better.

Inti also says, “The Ballad of The Ballroom Ghost features five tracks by Inti Rowland. Co-produced by Jackson Dimiglio-Wood and Inti Rowland, featuring contributions from Chloe Isacke. And video from Lewin St. Cyr. Released on the 11th of April 2011. Limited to 200 copies in CD format. Available for purchase, please contact: intirowlandmusic@gmail.com

I’m betting those 200 copies are long gone, but it’s worth a shot. I hope you get one.

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