World Class Faker

Meet the eleventh Siren, John Laprade.

For me, World Class Faker sounds best once you know the backstory.

Singer songwriter John Laprade says, “World Class Faker is the title track from my new album. I hope you like it. It was my attempt at writing from the prospective of a just released felon and what thoughts and feelings might be running through his mind.”

So did I do the right thing? Letting you read the story first? It explains everything in one line.

Without the story, I don’t know if I’d ever suspect this guy of being anything but nice, and maybe slightly wounded. His voice sounds so easy-going, I can imagine him sitting in my kitchen, singing while I . . . make breakfast. He wouldn’t mind that I’m not a good cook, he’s a nice guy. Eggs, toast, that would be enough. That’s what I thought on first listen.

But then, with one line of text, John Laprade changed everything. I would have suspected metaphor, but no. This is a Sirenstory. This sweet singer is one of those psychotically calm people who could snap at any moment. 1974? Yeah, this guy has a sweet voice—and a knife up his sleeve.

You really got me John. I Love World Class Faker. It gets better with each listen and the drums are addictive. I’d love to hear the White Stripes rev it up and spit it out . . . or maybe Morrissey could change a chord or two and make it his own. Imagine Nick Cave . . . You know, we’re going to have to do a remix day here on Sirenstories. You all could cover each other’s songs. Wow, that’s such a cool idea! What do you think?

I popped around online looking for more info on John Laprade (I can do that, it’s the weekend, but I’d LOVE to take a commercial break here to remind the artists who upload to the Sirenstories SoundCloud to PLEASE answer the half-dozen questions I ask so I have easy access to your info. Lyrics would be nice too!) and I found this video for his song Blind. I can’t wait to show it to my five-year old son, he hangs out with guys like this all the time.

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