Home in a Bit

Home in a Bit starts with an electric guitar. A simple riff. A good riff.

So good, that just for a second, I thought maybe there was an old Rolling Stones tune I hadn’t heard. Something from the Little Red Rooster era, but less bluesy and . . . I don’t know, recorded in a cleaner studio.

I really knew it couldn’t be the Stones, because I think I’ve heard every Rolling Stones tune ever written, but it made me very hopeful that I was about to discover a great new band.

When the vocals came in, and I heard that just like the guitar, they sounded slightly gritty, or maybe, ‘real’ is a better word. An aural impression of Jack White flashed through my brain.

As I listened to the unadorned edge of the singer’s voice, I realized that not only did I like the sound of his voice but that he was—thoughtful.

“Should I be, withholding?

. . . expressive when inspired . . .”

Ah, a sensitive guy who sings.

I’m hooked.

And suddenly the whole song changes, and becomes infused with hope. The production leans towards poppy—comes close to that boy band sound, and I mean that in good way—but keeps a dark sounding edge.

Then I realize the song is a love song, and the singer is comparing his love interest to an angel, and saying that this person is “his wish.” Ooh, the band is swoonworthy.

Halfway through the song I had to know who the band was (the tune was uploaded by someone who’s user name is a number) so I clicked on the track. I saw the band name, Open til Midnight and clicked on the url that Mr. Numbers had thoughtfully provided, along with the fact that the band is from NYC. On the site I found, among other things, including free downloads, these great pics from a live show.

Okay, so, I’ve been trying really hard not to say it, but . . .  these guys are, you know, hawt. I feel like I’m allowed to say that because, well, just look at the pics. And, confession time—if you don’t already know—I write YA novels, and well, these are the kinds of guys in my books. Seriously. Cute musician boys who are angsty and swoonworthy.

I’m really tempted to put an excerpt from one of my manuscripts right here, to show you what I mean but, I have something even better. Click on Mick.

The video shows that not only was Mick once über hawt, but he also loved creepy stuff, like . . . YA paranormal novels.

Special thanks to Open til Midnight who got someone to upload their song Home in a Bit just in time to make our weekend last an extra day and who I know will forgive me for goofing around a little and calling them hawt ;) I’ll definitely be adding Home in a Bit to one of my writing playlists. The best way to write a certain kind of guy is to have his voice in my ear.

Click on their photos to find out more about Open til Midnight, looks like they’re playing soon in NYC. Go see them. You know you want to.

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