Brielle Brown Ends Week 2 of Sirenstories

A song that starts with acoustic guitar is always going to grab my ear, not only because I love the sound of acoustic guitars, but because for me, hearing an acoustic guitar playing at the beginning of a song is the equivalent of  hearing the words, “Once upon a time . . .” at the start of a story.

No matter how many times we hear those words, we always want to hear what comes next.

And so the sweet acoustic guitar playing at the beginning of Brielle Brown‘s lovely song We Both Know immediately drew me in.

But even as I was enjoying the music, I was asking, what’s next? Because, since there are a million songs that start with acoustic guitar, it’s also like starting a conversation with a promise. The promise goes like this: “I can start my song with this guitar part, because not only is it a beautiful guitar part, but because I’m setting you up for something just as good that will follow.”

Brielle Brown doesn’t disappoint. When she sang the lyrics,

“You and I and the headlights . . . ”

I was right there with her in the car.

As soon as I heard that opening line, my mind said, classic. The first line of We Both Know put me right in the story.

I’d love to know if it does the same for you.

Brielle Brown‘s voice is new to me and yet it’s familiar in a wonderful way. Shawn Colvin crossed with a country singer who catches my ear while I’m driving along spinning the radio dial. Okay, punching the preset stations or the seek button. But you get it.

“You and I both know,

I’m still learning how to love you . . . ”

We Both Know is sweet and powerful at the same time. My intuition tells me that Brielle Brown is the same way.

Click on the pic to learn about Brielle Brown and hear more of her music.

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