Week 3 of Sirenstories Starts with The Summarily Dismissed

My first reaction, right now, as I listen to Your Salve for Sorrow for the first time is, oooohh  . . . what have we got here?

The Summarily Dismissed has given us a song that’s sending me back through time and making me think, I CAN’T WAIT to stop typing so I can post this tune on a the fb page of a certain friend of mine who luuuuvvs this kind of music!

Here’s what the artist says about the song:

“The second single off the brand-new album “To Each!” by The Summarily Dismissed is Your Salve for Sorrow, a classic R&B-style mid-tempo tune with an Al Green-style groove.”

The Summarily Dismissed is the brainchild of composer/lyricist/keyboardist Ari Shagal, and the album consists of 11 of her original songs, featuring Matt Lomeo and Ferima Faye on lead vocals. Lomeo takes the lead on Your Salve for Sorrow, with Faye and Shagal providing backing vocals on the chorus. Let this infectious groove get into your head and into your soul!”

Your Salve for Sorrow has definitely gotten into my head! I’ve heard the tune a few times now. It’s one of those songs that gets better and better with each listen.

Thanks so much to The Summarily Dismissed for sharing Your Salve for Sorrow with Sirenstories. The song put a smile on my face.

Click on the pic to visit The Summarily Dismissed on fb.

4 responses to “Week 3 of Sirenstories Starts with The Summarily Dismissed

  1. I love this song too! I loved it right of the bat, it didn’t even take a few listens. Matt’s voice is so beautiful, he’s one of those singers that you’d want to listen to a song just because he was singing it.

    The whole album is fantastic, I’d highly recommend it. All the songs are arranged with such attention to detail. There’s a whole range of emotion and there are three different singers so it’s kind of a nice variety.

    They are all good, but my personal faves include: Your Salve for Sorrow, Why Couldn’t It Have Been Me?, Limerent Buzz and Apogee.
    Please listen to Apogee guys, I promise you’ll get lost in it. Beautiful.

  2. A pretty extraordinary album. Every eclectic track shines in its own way. My personal favorite is the penultimate “Shade Walking,” with jazz giant Kenny Washington on vocals. A must have. Check it out!!!

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