Siren Sweet 16 is Rebecca Jordan

“Sitting in the silence with me and my unspoken words” is the opening line for Rebecca Jordan and Marc Swersky‘s perfect song, Unspoken Words.

Unspoken Words is, among other things, a song I wish I wrote. Enjoy.

Although the song is filled with light and the slightly shuffling groove on the verses gives it an upbeat feel, Unspoken words also has an underlying sadness.

“Love gets left behind if you don’t speak your mind.”

The easy-going acoustic guitars and conversational country alt vocals on Unspoken Words lead me to believe that Lucinda Williams and Michelle Shocked are among Rebecca Jordan’s influences.

After today, I’ll count her among mine.

Rebecca wrote Unspoken words with songwriter and producer Marc Swersky whose influences are obviously many.

I mentioned Marc on day 5 of Sirenstories, he and Gedeon Luke wrote Going Up together, and Marc produced Going up as well. Mark also produced Home in a Bit which I posted a few days ago, a great song by Open til Midnight, and I assume he produced  Unspoken Words.

Marc is a multitalented musician, and a he’s a huge music fan. He has to be, he makes music for a living. When he read about my idea for Sirenstories, he wrote me a note and told me how much he loved it. I’m so grateful to Marc for turning me on to so many wonderful artists in the last couple of weeks. Marc, keep the music coming!

The chord changes in Unspoken words, at around 2:40 are making me miss my guitar so much, I’m going to have to end here today. Thanks for the inspiration Rebecca and Marc. I’m off to see an old friend.

And you Listeners, I hope you’re on your way to Rebecca Jordan’s website. Click on the pic.

3 responses to “Siren Sweet 16 is Rebecca Jordan

  1. I know, great song, right? I love it.

    Plus, check this out. I just found out, there was another writer on the song.
    Richie Supa, former Aerosmith member.
    How cool is that?
    I’m like, 1 degree closer to Steven Tyler’s lips.

    Ha! Noooo, I didn’t mean it like THAT.

    I just want to SEE them.

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