Sirenstories Saturday with Songwriter Joe McLeod

It’s my pleasure to introduce Saturday Siren Joe McLeod, aka 2 Bit Johhny.

Joe McLeod tells a bit of his rich story below, but he doesn’t mention Leo Kottke. My very first thought, as I listen to the guitar playing on Joe’s song Galax Shine is that the two ought to be friends.

Deep in the ground with a shovel in your soul
Digging to the bottom of the Jelly-Roll
Take it out for the mansion on the hill
With the baby-grand and a hundred dollar bill

Toss a coin into the well
When you meet the devil, please say Hell….o
How do you do

Rollin through the City, car salesman glory
Finding love in the streets, it’s a poor man’s story
Lump of coal in one hand, tobacco in the other
Serving the south, like the old Southern

There’s a going wrong you can tell
When the birds in the sky here the Yell….ow
Canary lying on it’s back

Gonna burn it in the woods, Daddy’s turpentine
I make my living selling Galax shine
Horseshoe on the mantle, fiddle on the wind
The madstone will save you from your sin

There’s a going wrong you can tell
When the birds in the sky here the Yell….ow
Canary lying on it’s back”

“I grew up in the small town of Rockwood, Ontario, Canada. My earliest memories consist of being rocked to sleep in a gun crate that hung beneath the maple and beech trees while my older siblings and parents made the annual batch of maple syrup. Later on, I took my turn in boiling down the sap into maple syrup and roasting the pigs while CCR, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and the Rolling Stones echoed through the woods while friends and family danced on the homemade dance-floor. When I was 16 years-old, these experiences inspired me to finally learn to play the guitar and since then I have traveled afar and lived in every corner of North America including Florida, British Columbia, Colorado, New Mexico, Tennessee, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Alberta. My songs embody the stories of these places, being on the road, and having your heart and hands in the country.”

Galax Shine makes me think of Old and in the Way, one of my favorite bluegrass recordings. Joe McLeod has more songs and I’m looking forward to hearing them. You can hear more too, click the pic.

As much as I appreciate all the info Joe provided—and believe me, I’m THANKFUL to have some of the writing done for me!—what I really want to know is, when is he going to come to Asbury Park?

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