The Green Lady Demo Defies Mondays

Big thanks to John Drain and the Live City Blues for uploading this exciting tune to the Sirenstories SoundCloud!

The Green Lady got her spark from Led Zeppelin I’m sure of it.

John Drain and the Live City Blues are from London. Are they knocking the socks off your Monday morning?

John Drain is known in London for playing aggressive delta blues style music. John started out by busking for a few years, but these days he plays in cabaret shows. He says, “Consequently I’m often surrounded by burlesque dancers, magicians, comedians and other exotic acts.”

John talks about his recording project:

“Mostly I have been a solo act, but as of late I have started to include a few friends to play harmonica, saxophone and violin and will be including these players on my new CD. I used to do electronica, so I’m quite familiar with the recording process. On my limited budget—and equipment—I am creating and producing this record alone.

“The new album will be as varied as possible. It will consist of delta blues, swing, psychedelic, county styles and themes with the accent on groove…

“I like to make people dance just using an acoustic guitar, a foot and vocals…often people find it totally unexpected in a live situation and that’s reason enough to do it for me.”

About The Green Lady:

“This song is simply about addiction, in this case to absinthe.”

Green fires, purge my dreams
Show me the world, how it oughta be seen
Grand wormwood, devotee of the green faerie
Oh, you left a stain on me

Mama please, Something come to steal my soul

Absinthe, makes the heart grow fonder
I can see what wasn’t there before
It’s on the ceiling, covers the walls
I’d like to scream but i cant even talk
oh, wont you let me go

Mama please, Something come to steal my soul

Spent my money, spent hers too
I’ll see you in court if i can see at all
Oh wont you let me go

Found two crates, down by the port
I like the taste and it flavours my thoughts
Oh, get me a paint brush
I wanna show you it all

Mama please, Something come to steal my soul

I hope to hear more from John Drain soon. Unexpected. Yes.

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