Start the Summer with Atlantic Winter Blues & a Sirenstories Update

I know, I know, I said I was going to post 365 songs by 365 different artists, but I just can’t resist sharing this second Inti Rowland song.

A quick note to the artists who’ve been featured on Sirenstories so far: please send another song! I’d love to hear more music from you all, and I want to be fair. Looking at the Sirenstories stats, I’d say the blog listeners (blog listeners, is there a word for that?) would like to hear more as well.

Oh, and about the ah, 365 part? That’s another Sirenstories ‘law’ that I’m going to have to break for now.

I’m not going to be able to post a new artist/song EVERY day. Why? Well, #MySonIs5 is one reason. It’s summer (read: no school). Another reason is that I’ve become so inspired by the music on Sirenstories I’m spending WAY too much time listening, tracking down bits & pieces of info about the artists, watching videos, etc. I’m spending so much time here, that I’m ignoring almost ALL my other projects! So I’m taking things down a notch. This will still be a place to help songwriters get their music heard. Singers + stories = Sirenstories and that’s not going to change, but starting today Sirenstories will feature one or two artists each week. Thank you for understanding. As my grandmother used to tell me in her southern accent, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”. All right then.

I still need more songs in the Sirenstories SoundCloud, so please pass the word. I’d also love to post book trailers that feature music created especially for the book/trailer, and I’m happy to feature instrumental music, as long as the composition has a story at it’s heart.

And now, back to Inti Rowland.

Of his music Inti Rowland says, “Knee Length Socks. Brik a Brak. Lighthouses. Lemonade. Marrow. All make it into these songs.”

Since my last post about Inti Rowland I’ve learned a little more about him. He’s 18, he’s from London, and his song Tesa Cry Out reminds me of Nick Drake. Listen to this video recorded by Lewin St. Cyr in the photography department at the royal college of art in January 2010 and tell me if you agree.

To hear Inti Rowland‘s intriguing song The Ballad of the Ballroom Ghost, click on the artwork and check out my earlier post.

2 responses to “Start the Summer with Atlantic Winter Blues & a Sirenstories Update

  1. Another lovely song, Inti.

    And Mimi … well, I did wonder how you were going to manage posting one high quality song every day by a different artist, writing about it too … there’s a lot of research involved! I can relate, doing so much research for my own upcoming site!

    I can also relate to you having a 5 year old … only mine has just turned 6 !

    Plus I can relate to needing time to put into your own songs …

    Kudos to you for ever having started this wonderful project !

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