I was very excited to find a song entitled Sirene in the Sirenstories SoundCloud recently!

I hope you enjoy this atmospheric soundscape from French digital art-folk duo Les Reves.

The opening of Sirene is dramatic, orchestral, but after a moment I am plunged beneath the soundwaves into an unknown world. The cries of gulls reach me where I float, perhaps towards or away from a dream, and soon the sound of voices carries down to me as well, a man, a woman . . . Sirens.

Halfway through the piece a rhythm track gives me something to hold onto, or so I think, until between the percussion and Hannah Hardy‘s lovely mysterious vocals, I become hypnotized . . ..

Regretfully I return  from my journey when a gong sounds and Sirene comes to an end.

Hannah Hardy is not only a Siren but an eclectic artist.


‘Praline’s discovery’ 2011 Acrylic and glitter paint on vintage linen

Please visit her gallery,

Me and my big monster 2011

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