Sirens spotted in Montana

When I saw the title yr w-o a btl posted by tsunamidaily in the Sirenstories SoundCloud, I instantly thought that when I hit the play button I’d hear, well, I don’t know exactly what I thought I’d hear, something tribal? Something in another language? I certainly wasn’t expecting a rough take of a gorgeous song  in the vein of Nick Cave from a singer songwriter who lives in West Yellowstone, Montana. I wasn’t expecting to hear Year without a Bottle, a romantic ballad about trying to get sober during a time of loss.

Unfortunately tsunamidaily didn’t leave much info in the Sirenstories Soundcloud, but he did say Year Without a Bottle is a work in progress, and labeled it “rhythmic soul”. He also wrote, “It’s an actual song”, referring to the basic instrumentation of piano and voice. I have to agree with him, it’s a song, and a good one at that. I also think that the label on tsunamidaily’s myspace page is a more accurate description than “rhythmic soul”. It says that the music of tsunamidaily is Folk/Other/Shoegazer.

Year Without a Bottle makes me think of God Shuffled His Feet by The Crash Test Dummies, remember them? What’s going on with those guys? I’m off to Google.

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