In Love with Tyrants

As soon as I heard the whisper of the minimal, melodic guitar line, and the soft vocal, I fell in love with Car Alarmed by Tyrants. Sparse and atmospheric, Car Alarmed floated into my ears like a low-fi version of an undiscovered Stone Roses song, or a demo recorded by The xx.

The vocal and guitar in Car Alarmed are both restrained, almost impressionistic or ghost like in a way, until just past the minute and a half mark, when a perfect, shuffling drum groove kicks in, creating a song that could have served as a soundtrack to the dreams of great bands like Depeche Mode, New Order, or even The Cure. About two and half minutes into Car Alarmed a minimal guitar solo that both Neil Young and Kraftwerk would appreciate takes us to the end of the song, where everything drops away, leaving us with the mysterious gentle voice and finally, a few bare notes of the ghostly guitar part.

The lyrics for Car Alarmed read like a poem, one that I don’t necessarily understand—but I don’t care. This is the kind of swimming sound I adore, perfect music for writing and dreaming.

No misery she said, then you’re dead
These bones need to hide
I was dying all the time

In the streets she lays her charades
Underneath her arms
I woke up car alarmed

Paris Green among her different shades
I’ll never know your names
But I’ll love you just the same

Floor boards creak, I weigh their decay
Underneath her arms
I woke up car alarmed

After listening to Car Alarmed over and over and searching unsuccessfully for more info about Tyrants, I contacted the band to see if they’d send me a bit more info. I was surprised and charmed by the response I received.

“I am the only musician under the name Tyrants, a 19-year-old singer songwriter born in France, but currently based out of Burlington, Vermont. When I was 15 I first heard the album “Is This It?” by The Strokes and decided that I needed to make music. This became difficult as I didn’t meet the prerequisite of knowing how to play an instrument. Since then, I’ve taught myself how to play guitar, bass, piano and drums (all of which are featured on Car Alarmed) to appease the demands of my creativity.

The emotive nature of the song Car Alarmed was found in the surreal experience of being outside in the pouring rain under a dazzling sun and blue sky. This, I would also recommend is the way the song should be enjoyed. My advice: put this song on your iPod and get lost in the woods for a while.

Unfortunately I don’t have any other exciting links to share with you as this is the first song I have ever put on the internet. However, this should change very soon as my laptop has just been returned to me with more that 75 Tyrants projects on it.”

Seventy-five. I can’t wait.

Below is the only image I have for Tyrants. I have no idea who this woman is or what she means to Tyrants, and I don’t care. I just want to hear another song like Car Alarmed. Now.

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