French Trailer Music — To Defeat Them All

Jonathan Mayer

I knew if I said French, you wouldn’t be able to resist . . .

Born into a family of artists and musicians, French composer Jonathan Mayer studied violin as a child, then in high school moved on to electric guitar. But it was when he first heard the music of John Williams that Mayer discovered his passion for film music. Movies like Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park inspired Mayer first, and only a few years ago, he discovered that he “could play an orchestra” by himself with soundbanks.

In our back and forth, Jonathan Mayer told me that originally, he composed for fan films—which made me think of authors who’ve honed their writing skills on fan fiction. Then he wrote music for companies who needed it for educational trailers. Now, he’s branching out into commercials and Android video games, and recently an agency in New York contacted him about using his music for TV.

Love this screen shot of To Defeat Them All

Screen Shot To Defeat Them All

We’re quite lucky to have caught Jonathan Mayer at this stage. He ended our last email conversation by saying,

“Here i am now, very busy, but that’s what i looked for.”

Then he apologized for his English, but I found it charming.

Mayer was generous enough to contribute several pieces to the Sirenstories SoundCloud and he sent me a couple of tracks privately, so I’ve spent quite a bit of time listening to his music. Epic, mysterious, bold, moving—it’s all deep and dramatic. In other words, excellent writing music.

SInce it was so hard to decide what to post, I’m adding one more of Mayer’s pieces for your listening pleasure—the name alone made me love it: Biocode.

Those who speak geek might like to know that on Biocode, Mayer uses Spectrasonics omnisphere, Projectsam orchestral brass, EWQL stormdrum 2, symphobia 2 and cinematic strings.

I’m a musician and all but—yikes.


Jonathan Mayer

Musicians and composers, please connect with Jonathan Mayer on his facebook page.

Thank you.



That’s exactly what I need to do today. Chill. I need to accept that I can’t do twenty things at once, I especially can’t write twenty things at once, or even two. Maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed as well, it is Monday after all. If that’s the case—or even if it’s not—take five minutes and listen to E Sirene Cantanu Chants de Sirenes Gesang der Meerjungfrauen by music designer Galaxia Tuani, from Porto, France.

Translated, E Sirene Cantanu Chants de Sirenes Gesang der Meerjungfrauen means A Siren Singing Songs of the Mermaids. That pretty much makes E Sirene Cantanu Chants de Sirenes Gesang der Meerjungfrauen the perfect piece to post for this blog’s birthday, which was June 1st. I really did mean to write something for the true one year anniversary of Sirenstories, but life is rich, and I obviously didn’t get around to it. So today, please eat a cupcake and say Happy Birthday Sirenstories! And THANK YOU to all the amazing musicians who’ve made the year better with their music. Indie forever.

PS Galaxia Tuani says the source of her inspiration and her muse is the island of Corsica. Mmm. I’d love to go there and chill . . . anyone?


I was very excited to find a song entitled Sirene in the Sirenstories SoundCloud recently!

I hope you enjoy this atmospheric soundscape from French digital art-folk duo Les Reves.

The opening of Sirene is dramatic, orchestral, but after a moment I am plunged beneath the soundwaves into an unknown world. The cries of gulls reach me where I float, perhaps towards or away from a dream, and soon the sound of voices carries down to me as well, a man, a woman . . . Sirens.

Halfway through the piece a rhythm track gives me something to hold onto, or so I think, until between the percussion and Hannah Hardy‘s lovely mysterious vocals, I become hypnotized . . ..

Regretfully I return  from my journey when a gong sounds and Sirene comes to an end.

Hannah Hardy is not only a Siren but an eclectic artist.


‘Praline’s discovery’ 2011 Acrylic and glitter paint on vintage linen

Please visit her gallery,

Me and my big monster 2011