Hold Your Roses Back

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SoundCloud, where the Sirenstories SoundCloud lives, is apparently a great place for collaboration. From what I can gather, among other things, it’s like . . . online dating for musicians, or rather, online making.

With Valentine’s Day fluttering towards us on ickle cupid wings, it seems like a good time to post one of the collaborative pieces submitted to the Sirenstories SoundCloud. There have been quite a few uploaded recently.

Roses is a gorgeous song full of yearning, with a guitar track from Telefan and lyrics and vocals by Linde Sagen. 

I’ve listened to Roses over and over for about twenty minutes. There’s something elusive about the song. The form sounds loose, feels organic. The lyrics seem a little loose as well, as far as rhyme, and at times, even reason. And yet . . . I love the lyrics. Love the surprising sentiment of the song: Hold your roses back.

Jim M from Philadelphia, who goes by Telefan, is a guitar player who has collaborated with dozens of artists on SoundCloud. He was the one who uploaded Roses, so I looked him up to find out a bit more about the song, but found only this lovely note: “Linde Sagen created some amazing vocals and lyrics for my music. It was an honor to work with her again.”

I’m sure Linde Sagen would say the same about Telefan. His jazz inspired guitar playing has a beautiful, clean tone. I look forward to listening to more of his collaborations.


Do you remember our very first night; we were busy chasing green lights
Time was raining on with crazy love, holding hands, dancing with a free mind
And the smell of green grass was never greater

Hold your fancy roses back, don`t buy me with a bunch of fancy crap
Hold the speed of your words, what does it matter now, wrong or right
Hold your roses back, I don`t need them anymore
See whatever that comes around, you’re begging me for more
I said hold your fancy roses back, I said hold your fancy roses back
I don`t need them anymore

Dazzled away by roses, dazzled away by a bunch of fancy roses
It’s hard tonight, imagine what the world would be without you
Just a bunch of fancy roses (those days are over)

Hold your fancy roses back, don`t buy me with a bunch of fancy crap
All I know it’s better than before, all I know his living for the moment
Roses, all I know he`s breathing on me now. This boy never read the weather
All I know he`s breathing on me, don’t you ever stop
I see you holding back the future, I see us falling back to pieces
Hold your fancy roses back
Where does he run to, where does he run to now
I`ll never lay me down in his bed of roses . . . 

Linde Sagen – lyrics, and vocals.
Telefan – guitars, and bass.

Like the Sea

Like The Sea

The sea, I feel you like the sea,
deep inside, yet so far away.

I cling to every word you say,
you stole my heart, please give it back to me.

Could it be that it was all just a game to you?
Am I really such a fool?
Don´t you feel the nearness of us?
Life without you is just a rainy day.

Time plays tricks on our minds.
Still I hope there´ll be for us a time.

Anjù is Anja Graefe, a singer songwriter from Ulm, Germany. Anjù recorded Like the Sea at her home, and perhaps that’s part of what gives the song such an intimate sound, but most likely it’s Anjù’s voice, which is quiet, often just above a whisper. The lovely acoustic guitar part and bare bones bass line that accompany Anjù’s spare and sophisticated vocals offer the perfect amount of support to both singer and song.

Anjù‘s smooth voice has just the right amount of inflection and vibrato for contemporary folk, jazz, and even blues. Her approach to blues on her digital album The Attic Sessions is especially refreshing; there are no snarling or guttural sounds that all too often hit the listener over the head because they’re just not, well, snarly or guttural in the right way. Anjù on the other hand sounds a bit like Fiona Apple might sound if she were drifting off into a dream . . . Maybe even a little like Nora Jones. Anjù also tips her hat vocally to some of the icons of jazz, but possibly Chet Baker more than anyone. Just Get Lost, The third track on The Attic Sessions made me smile.

You can get Anjù‘s digital album The Attic Sessions on her bandcamp site and I suggest you do. There are quite a few songs that are just as good as Like the Sea, and all have the same sparse arrangement of voice and guitar. All the songs on The Attic Sessions, whether they’re bluesy or jazz influenced, are evocative and atmospheric, and Anjù’s voice has a lovely, subtle musicality that invites the listener in. Enjoy.


It’s June 1st, Time To Start Posting Real Live Sirenstories

It’s June 1st and as promised, Sirenstories begins today.

Our first Siren is Violette a singer songwriter I hadn’t heard of until she uploaded her song to the Sirenstories SoundCloud. Now, because of her deliciously intimate voice, I feel I’m on close terms with her.

I’m trying to write my post while I listen to this French native’s song. Even though it’s the third time that I’ve heard Insomnie, I’m so overwhelmed by goosebumps and emotions I don’t want to do anything but sit back and listen. Again.

At 25 Violette sounds young but polished. Her music is fresh and sophisticated. The production of Insomnie is perfect and leaves plenty of room for Violette’s exquisite vocals. Her sound is tinged with the diverse influences of pop, jazz, and soul.

I chose these pictures from Violette’s website. Click on them and they’ll take you into her world.

Violette’s voice is indeed warm and inviting as the description she posted describes. And she’s a Siren. Definitely. At the minute two mark in her track, I’d totally wreck my ship on the rocks for her.

Thanks so much for sharing Insomnie with us Violette, I’m sure I won’t be your only new fan today.

Violette didn’t post her lyrics. I let her music wash over me, and I wrote some words of my own. As far as I can tell, this is an unedited stream of consciousness that came from one of the characters in a series of YA novels I’m working on.

I knew I wouldn’t fall asleep easily, and what was the point? If I slept, the night would pass faster, morning would come sooner. Tomorrow was not a day a wanted to face. Tomorrow, would be my first day without him.
I lay on top of my white cotton quilt. A light sheen of sweat coated my skin. The summer heat had snaked its way up into the top floors of the granite block vestibule house for the first time since I’d moved to Rock Hook Harbor Light Station.
I’d put my heavy down comforter away months ago but I craved the weight of it, as if the heaviness could hold me to my bed in a way that gravity couldn’t, that sleep wouldn’t—but I couldn’t even pretend I wanted to sleep.
I got up, went to the window. The air was hot and thick. Humidity clung to me, another layer over my white nightgown. The ocean down below my window was quiet, as if it slept even though I couldn’t. Was it the low tide that created the calm? I could see the sand where the water had washed out and left it, as I had been left. Where sand and water met the fog took over. Under such a heavy blanket, maybe the sea had no choice but to doze. I imagined the ocean dreamed of its own dark depths.