Another NaNoWriMo Comes to a Close

My third NaNoWriMo was a tough one. To reach my word count I used EVERY word I wrote!

(Dear Publishing Industry, have no fear. You won’t see my novel for at least another year. Feel better?)

I used the NaNoWriMo site more than ever. I read every pep talk sent to me and watched every video. I even reached out to my writing buddies in my hour of need.

Huh? What was that all about?

Oh, nothing. I just, ah, needed a few answers. I had a couple of questions, like, was I allowed to count the words that made up my timeline? How about my list of characters? My chapter titles? That kind of thing. Ahem.

Okay I admit it, I was reaching. Not because I didn’t have an idea, I had a good one, and after a month of wild writing, I still love it. Mostly, my problem was time. Even as I write this my five-year-old is calling and last night? He called me in to his room half a dozen times. It seemed like, the deeper I got into my story, the more someone or something needed my attention. But that’s just how it goes sometimes.

(BTW my Wrimo friends said yes, if you were wondering, or if you’re still writing your butt off and are wondering, count every single word.)

Hey, I don’t feel bad. For the last two NaNoWriMos my 50,000 words were pure story. This year I had to do things a little  differently. We all know how important it is to Think Different. RIP Steve Jobs, all my NaNo manuscripts, in fact all my manuscripts, and many of my songs, were written on a Mac. Thank you Apple.

And another thank you to Martha Alderson. Martha’s blog Plot Whisperer for Writers and Readers is a great resource for writers and this year Martha’s posts about energy markers helped me create my story arc.

To all of you Wrimos still writing, you have TONS of time, no worries. If you need inspiration in the form of music, take a break and check out this site, there are lots of good songs from artists who are probably new to you.

I love writing with music on, and this year more than one of my NaNoWriMo writing soundtrack songs came from Sirenstories.

If you’ve finished your November novel (let’s agree for now that finished means having a beginning, middle, and end) congratulations! If you’re still writing, good luck, you’ll be printing out that nifty certificate any minute ;)