Halloween Rears Its Creepy Head

When I started this blog I asked that all contributing songwriters and composers submit two songs to the Sirenstories SoundCloud, in case I wanted to feature them twice. I love featuring new musicians, but I’m always interested in hearing what the lovely Sirens of Sirenstories.com are up to, so when the artists began to submit additional tracks, I gladly listened. Every artist on Sirenstories will probably end up being featured twice, but so far, since there have been so many wonderful pieces posted in the Sirenstories SoundCloud, most artists have only been featured once.

Today, I’m going to break all my rules—I just have to. Halloween is coming and, well, I thought you all might appreciate something somewhat seasonal. No, I’m not posting Five Little Pumpkins, the song that used to give me laryngitis every October when I taught music to elementary school children, I’m posting Into the Fray by Proofsound.

Into the Fray is the third piece I’ve posted by Proofsound. That’s the rule breaking part. You can hear more of their music and read about the duo here and here.

Into the Fray is a gorgeously gothic creepy sounding piece. Horror writers, you know that sacrifice scene you still have to finish? Into the Fray ought to get you pumped for that. If your horror story is already written, you’ll probably want to use Into the Fray your book trailer. If you’re not a writer, well, Into the Fray is definitely pumpkin carving music.

I couldn’t resist sharing Into the Fray, I hope you enjoy it. (After you’ve checked under the bed for monsters, of course.)

Music for Film Featured on Sirenstories

Hurry is the first piece of music for film featured on Sirenstories! I love movies, and after this week, when I faced the black screen of death on my Mac (and then miraculously survived, along with my laptop!) the next best thing to watching a movie—which I don’t have time to do—is listening to movie music.

I have a lot of soundtracks on my iPod and I’m going to add this piece to one of my playlists. Hopefully it will inspire a happy scene for my WIP, which is, ah, dark to say the least. But hey, all that could change if I listen to Hurry while I write instead of something by Carter Burwell or Philip Glass.

Estonian Siren Ingrid Hagel wrote this bright and beautiful piece, and besides being a composer and performer, Ingrid is a violinist, singer, and arranger. Click on her picture and you’ll wind up at Ingrid Hagel‘s website where you’ll hear more music—another lovely piece that’s very different from Hurry.

Hurry was produced by composers Michele Brustia and Paul Bjoerling from Copenhagen, Denmark.

The composers had this to say about their production talents:

“We use both acoustic and electronic sound sources. We have an extensive range of cutting edge sounds and synthesizers that we love to blend together with real instruments.”

As much as I love deep, dark love stories, romantic comedies are a wonderful mood changer/enhancer. And definitely, listening to Hurry is a great way to start a long weekend.

I hope Michele Brustia and Paul Bjoerling upload more music to the Sirenstories SoundCloud, I’ll be happy to hear it, and share it.