Oh Sandy, the aurora is rising behind us . . .

An aurora in its own way, the music of Gedeon Luke is filled with light. Now that light will benefit people in the very area that Bruce Springsteen made famous with songs like 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) who were adversely affected by the recent storm.

Please take a listen to Gray, over at the iTunes store. Then buy it. All proceeds from the sale of Gray will go directly to helping victims of Sandy.


Living about ten minutes away from Sea Bright, New Jersey, one of the hardest hit areas, I’ve heard a lot of stories from friends and strangers alike whose homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed in the storm. I knew I’d eventually say something/post something about the storm on Sirenstories, and since Gedeon was one of the first artists featured on this blog, spreading the word about his charitable musical effort makes sense to me. It’s one small thing I can do to help.

Having the gutters blow off our house during Sandy was scary—I slept in my clothes that night, afraid I might have to leave home at any moment. But losing power wasn’t too tough. After Irene we invested in a generator. Irene hit us harder than Sandy, we had a landslide on the cliff in front of our house and almost lost the 1930’s gazebo over the edge. But our home wasn’t really in danger. In other words, I have a lot to be thankful for. We moved the gazebo. We planted things on the hill. We were lucky.

There are so many ways to help people, and if you’re like me, you’ve already contributed somewhere,  maybe to a food pantry, or a fund. But we don’t have to stop there, and getting a copy of Gray is one easy way we can help.

I’m going to get my copy now, see you over on Gedeon’s page at the iTunes store, okay? Thanks.

As of January 2013, the number of businesses along the Jersey Shore that sustained damage from Sandy was up to 19,000. Please support NJ coastal businesses. Thank you.