The Sea

Face the King

Possibly due in part to Dan DelVecchio’s above mentioned guitar effects, last September I was seriously  s  w  o  o  o n  i  n  g  over the New York based alternative band Face The King and posted their amazing song The Stage.  If you checked out that post, you’ll understand why I was so psyched when the band uploaded their new single, The Sea, to the Sirenstories SoundCloud.

The Sea is an anthemic song that will serve Face The King well this summer when they join the Warped Tour on its twentieth anniversary. (Yep, the Warped Tour is turning twenty, scary, right?) It’s a song that brings to mind U2 at the pinnacle of their fame.

The lyrics to The Sea are gorgeous. Beautiful and darkly romantic. They add so much to the sweeping sound of this epic song—just take a listen. Let the sound waves of The Sea break over you.

The avalanche . . .
The perfect place to hide
The rolling fields
Beneath the quiet and the white

And if you leave you know I’ll follow
Hold onto me and I won’t let go

Here comes the wave . . .
It’s crashing over me
Immovable against the moving sea

I turn to the sea
The water is coming in
And every day
A chance to end or to begin

And if you leave you know I’ll follow
Hold on to me and I won’t let go

Here comes the wave . . . 
It’s crashing over me
Immovable against the moving sea
Here comes the wave . . . 
It’s breaking over me
Unbreakable against the breaking sea

Am I sinking, am I swimming?
Standing still and in between
(Am I sinking, am I swimming?)
The surface rises to my knees
(Am I sinking, am I swimming?)
Should we stay or should we leave?
(Am I sinking, am I swimming?)
Don’t be afraid, hold on to me…
Hold on to me
Hold on to me
Hold on to me . . . 

PS Here’s a pic of Dan DelVecchio, because I knew you’d want to see the guy who uses those effects . . .

Dan DelVecchio

To see the rest of the band and find out more about them and their fantastic music, visit their website, or connect with them on fb and twitter.

Summer Siren, Josh Zandman

NYC  sounds like summer.

As soon as the song starts, it sounds like a perfect summer song. It sounds like one of those timeless hit songs that you learn in the sun, one of those songs that you hear everywhere all summer long, so many times that it conjures up endless golden days when you hear it in any other season during the year.

The guitar part has a yearning and, I don’t know, what makes a song sound like summer? It’s got to be poppy, it’s got to have that ache.

Turns out I’m spot on. As I listened to the song I started to write, and after a bit I read Josh’s description of what the tune is about:

NYC is about returning home and remembering a summer romance that changed my life.”

I remember that summer. Do you?

Josh Zandman lives in NYC and you can find out more of his music by clicking on his photo.

I like this picture a lot. It’s bright, yet washed out. Memories, like long golden summer days, fade away, no matter how much we want them to stay. Immortalizing memories in music may be the very best way to hang on to them.

I haven’t heard any music from Josh in a while—I’m having a hard time writing while that guitar line is playing, so hooky, so poppy . . . so irresistible.

I’m really happy Josh Zandman uploaded to the Sirenstories Soundcloud, it’s been too long since I’ve heard his music. You’ll be glad to know that there are four more songs posted on Josh’s site. They’re just as good as this one.

Josh, if you read this post, tell me, what was the name of that song I was so in love with years ago in another life?

And that’s it today, Josh’s song is enough, and I’m running on 5 hours of sleep. Hope to see you here tomorrow.