Little Heart

How cold of you, little heart

How sweet and liquid you tried to deceive

Little Heart is a subtle Valentine. Beautiful in its simplicity, the song grows more poignant and profound with each listen. Topping out at a minute and a half, Little Heart is short. To catch the full meaning of this delicate, minimalist piece, I recommend that you play it over and over, like I did.

An impressionistic wisp of a song, Little Heart consists only of a lead vocal and evocative background vocals, sung in pure tones and whispers. Vocals that sigh with yearning, even as the lyrics scold.

Lisa West, a songwriter from Denton, Texas who records under the name Faerytale, found her inspiration for Little Heart in the writings of Tolkien, and in the idea that, “we tend to be hardest on ourselves”.

How cold of you, little heart

How sweet and liquid you tried to deceive

Did you honestly believe my eyes did not see?

Now backtrack, little heart, now run

Do you honestly believe you run from me?

Try to find those paths by which you came

And be careful, little heart, you are lame

Cold, grey, victim of your own sway

I was not, we were not

Equals, little heart, friendly, kind

My eyes bore into your motive and we both saw

Run, little heart, run


Read more about Lisa West on EaRiE. Connect with her fb.


Happy Valentines’s Day from Sirenstories


Hold Your Roses Back

roses for blog

SoundCloud, where the Sirenstories SoundCloud lives, is apparently a great place for collaboration. From what I can gather, among other things, it’s like . . . online dating for musicians, or rather, online making.

With Valentine’s Day fluttering towards us on ickle cupid wings, it seems like a good time to post one of the collaborative pieces submitted to the Sirenstories SoundCloud. There have been quite a few uploaded recently.

Roses is a gorgeous song full of yearning, with a guitar track from Telefan and lyrics and vocals by Linde Sagen. 

I’ve listened to Roses over and over for about twenty minutes. There’s something elusive about the song. The form sounds loose, feels organic. The lyrics seem a little loose as well, as far as rhyme, and at times, even reason. And yet . . . I love the lyrics. Love the surprising sentiment of the song: Hold your roses back.

Jim M from Philadelphia, who goes by Telefan, is a guitar player who has collaborated with dozens of artists on SoundCloud. He was the one who uploaded Roses, so I looked him up to find out a bit more about the song, but found only this lovely note: “Linde Sagen created some amazing vocals and lyrics for my music. It was an honor to work with her again.”

I’m sure Linde Sagen would say the same about Telefan. His jazz inspired guitar playing has a beautiful, clean tone. I look forward to listening to more of his collaborations.


Do you remember our very first night; we were busy chasing green lights
Time was raining on with crazy love, holding hands, dancing with a free mind
And the smell of green grass was never greater

Hold your fancy roses back, don`t buy me with a bunch of fancy crap
Hold the speed of your words, what does it matter now, wrong or right
Hold your roses back, I don`t need them anymore
See whatever that comes around, you’re begging me for more
I said hold your fancy roses back, I said hold your fancy roses back
I don`t need them anymore

Dazzled away by roses, dazzled away by a bunch of fancy roses
It’s hard tonight, imagine what the world would be without you
Just a bunch of fancy roses (those days are over)

Hold your fancy roses back, don`t buy me with a bunch of fancy crap
All I know it’s better than before, all I know his living for the moment
Roses, all I know he`s breathing on me now. This boy never read the weather
All I know he`s breathing on me, don’t you ever stop
I see you holding back the future, I see us falling back to pieces
Hold your fancy roses back
Where does he run to, where does he run to now
I`ll never lay me down in his bed of roses . . . 

Linde Sagen – lyrics, and vocals.
Telefan – guitars, and bass.

Leave Me Alone

I want you to go away and leave me alone.

How can you not love a song that starts with a line like that?

I haven’t heard any new lounge music in a while so it was a pleasant surprise to find Leave Me Alone from Yan Terrien in the Sirenstories SoundCloud.

If you know anything about me and my other Sirenstories project, you know I’m a huge fan of young adult literature. I read a ton of it.  I love the constantly conflicting emotions, all the ‘touch me don’t touch me’ stuff that goes on, and the ‘I’m no good for you, we can’t see each other’ theme. The ‘I’m no good for you’ theme is especially fun, because while in the past it was, ‘I’m no good for you because I’m

a.) from another class

b.) a tortured artist

c.) an underdog of some sort

d.) going off to war

these days we have so much more to choose from! Today, it’s ‘I’m not good for you’ because I’m

a.) a Vampire, Werewolf, Angel, Fallen Angel, part Devil, or of course my personal favorite, a Siren

b.) from another planet

c.) the son of a man who is trying to destroy the world, or has already

d.) sitting on the opposite side of the cafeteria, i.e., I’m a jock and you’re a band geek, nerd, etc. and our friends hate each other.

My favorite song that does what Yan Terrien‘s song does is Missing you, by John Waite. Over and over Waite insists he’s not missing a certain someone, but meanwhile he writes one of the best kick ass love songs filled with yearning that you’ve ever heard and sings the hell out of. Yan Terrien‘s approach is a bit more laid back, but the idea is the same. On Leave Me Alone, Terrien mirrors Waite’s technique of repeating certain lines over and over. Terrien‘s spoken vocal is percussive and his French accent adds a measure of sophistication that makes lines like, “Get the hell out of my life” sound that much better.

Leave Me Alone made me think of just how many great songs and books and movies are devoted to the art of breaking up and making up. I’d love to know your favorite, it’s Valentine’s Day after all.

If you’ve read my blog before, you may know that if an artist doesn’t include a bio or lyrics or links when he uploads his song to the Sirenstories SoundCloud, I go snooping. It’s one of the reasons these posts can take such a long time for me to write, (which is my excuse for posting less than I promised) but it’s also fun.

To me, the most interesting piece of information I found about Yan Terrien, self-employed software developer, was this:

Software creation : Neengers, Laser Harp (for Jean Michel Jarre), PIGI for ETC (giant slide projectors).

Whoa. Laser Harp!?! For Jean Michel Jarre?! That’s so cool. Like Yan Terrien‘s music.

So there you go Valentines, I hope you have a kissy day.